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Success through Digital Learning

Learning Software

Very good learning software makes learning much easier. And this for students with different interests as well as different performance and motivation.

The Digital Education Foundation wants to prove that the development and exemplary use of learning software within the framework of an effective learning platform significantly increases teaching and learning success. At the same time, structures and processes are being created that enable rapid nationwide expansion.

Essential features of good educational software are:

  • Complete alignment of the software with existing curricula

  • Consistent illustration of proven methods of subject-specific didactics

  • Use of multimedia and multisensory interaction possibilities

  • Binding of attention through interaction and gamification

  • Dynamic adaptation to different learning speeds

  • Control of content and task flow as well as monitoring of learning progress 

  • Relieving teachers by reducing or simplifying routine activities 

  • Creation of free space for teachers to provide more individual support in the context of non-digital teaching units

Learning Tools for all

Governments are investing massively in the digitalization of schools, in important infrastructure and equipment. Our learning tools are the fuel, they ensure the success of the investments.

With our tools all public schools should be able to participate in digitisation and the resulting opportunities for their students. Regardless of their technical affinity, geographical location or financial resources.


In order to keep the technical, organisational and financial hurdles low for schools, teachers and parents, these guidelines apply:

  • Simple – Operation as „Software as a Service“ in a central data centre, therefore no maintenance effort for the schools.

  • Independent – Complete use with any operating system via the browser without software installation on end devices 

  • Flexible – no storage of data on the end device, change is possible at any time

  • Affordable – Low computing power requirements allow the use of low-cost end devices

The Bet

We want to prove that we can create a digital learning tool with a clearly defined, limited budget for one school subject and one school year and then offer it largely free of charge.

The learning tools each cover the content of the curriculum for one class level and one subject of a complete school year.


The aim is to significantly increase the learning success of all school students. At the same time, we want to create structures and processes in our organization that allow the development of learning tools to be scaled up to cover the curricula of additional subjects, school years, school types and regions.

Pilot project 6th grade of the grammar school

To start with, we have chosen the two subjects English and mathematics in the 6th grade of the grammar school in Bavaria. With our BRAINIX software, we want to further advance the digitalisation of schools and are already in the starting blocks. 

The contents are mapped according to the curriculum. In parallel, the basics of the learning platform are being created as part of the pilot project, including user administration, learning progress monitoring, training centre with vocabulary trainer and task pool, media centre, feedback and reward system. The integration of current artificial intelligence methods plays an important role.

Here you can find out more about BRAINIX

Brainix Digitales Lehrwerk

Brainix Digitales Lehrwerk

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Nationwide Rollout

Als Digitale Transformation wird die wesentliche Weiterentwicklung wichtiger Bereich der Gesellschaft durch Digitalisierung bezeichnet. Mit der Digitalen Transformation des Lernens werden Schülerinnen und Schüler unserer öffentlichen Schulen deutlich mehr Lernerfolg erzielen und das allgemeine Bildungsniveau steigt.

Handbuch Digitale Transformation des Lernens.jpg

The Foundation sees itself as a service provider for educational institutions, which we want to enable to raise the level of education by creating and providing excellent learning tools. With the positive progress of the test phase, we are providing proof that this is possible and that the Foundation‘s organisation can do this.

Handbuch Digitale Tranformaton
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