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Digital Competence

All children and young people should be able to act confidently in the digital world and take advantage of its many career opportunities. Girls in particular deserve our support in order to realize their potential in the attractive businessfields of the future.

Taking up the Challenge and Using Opportunities

The digital world is developing dynamically, with more and more opportunities but also challenges. To make the best out of it for the young generation, we need a wide range of initiatives from government, businesses and individuals. We want to support those who contribute with new, creative ideas.

To inspire young people, especially girls, not only to use digital technology, but to motivate them to be creative, requires commitment and perseverance. Programming an app yourself, teaching the robot autonomous movements, or converting a hand-drawn sketch with a 3D-printer are valuable experiences for children. Committed people with creativity, empathy and stamina make this possible. We would like to give these people and their organisations, such as the DigiClub e.V., a home in a competence centre for digital education.


The Competence Center in Germering near to Munich

Our founders are rooted in Germering. Here they could realize their dream and become successful as entrepreneurs in the digital industry. They owe a substantial part of this success to the excellent educational and social environment of the city of Germering, which ultimately made the establishment of our nonprofit foundation possible.

The competence centre is to be built in the centre of Germering, easily accessible at all times for all young people who attend school here. Above all, it should also offer attractive and motivating premises for young people who are committed to digital education. Due to its central location, companies, organizations and people interested in digital education can easily establish and maintain contacts.

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